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We are driven by a commitment to passion, transparency, lifelong learning and having fun. These principles shape our approach to every project and partnership.

The founding story

Bridging the gap between data deficits and innovative solutions

We’re a team fueled by a shared passion for tech and innovation. Our crew comes from diverse backgrounds in physics, scientific computing, and mathematical modeling. With extensive experience in image processing, AI, deep learning and computer graphics, we’ve built some seriously effective solutions and even helped to push the boundaries of technology a little further. But we’re not just about the tech – we’ve also honed our skills in product development, leading projects, and building seamless data pipelines.

What really gets us going is tackling those tricky problems in machine learning and research. We noticed a common thread: many projects get stuck because of a lack of data. That’s why we decided to jump in and fill that gap with clever, innovative solutions. Our mission? To build tools that empower developers and ignite a firestorm of new ideas!

What we do today

Empowering Innovation with Intelligent Solutions

We’re all about making AI work for real people, with practical and innovative solutions. Our specialty is creating two powerful tools: synthetic data and digital twins.
Imagine a safe training ground where your AI team can experiment and tweak things without messing with the real equipment. It’s perfect for optimizing performance and ironing out any kinks before launch.

On top of that, we offer advanced tools to help you understand and manage all your data, making the whole process smoother and faster. Basically, we’re here to help businesses unlock the potential of AI with synthetic data and digital twins, so they can explore new ideas and speed up development.

Artificial Pixels - Dr. Sven Wanner

Dr. Sven Wanner


Sven received his Ph.D. in Physics from Heidelberg University in 2014. His research at the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing was in the field of 4D light field analysis.

His focus was on developing acquisition methods for light fields, as well as 3D- and surface property reconstruction methods in the context of industrial applications and in close collaborations with Bosch and Sony. During his 3 years as postdoc and 6 years working in the industry, he was able to gain experience in product development, as a team leader and worked on multiple different projects, always with a focus on computer vision products, AI, and synthetic data generation.

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Artificial Pixels - Dr. Peter Schillen

Dr. Peter Schillen


Peter received his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling from the University of Mannheim in 2015 after studying Mathematics and Physics at TU Kaiserslautern. He has over 10 years of experience in Image Processing and Deep Learning and has worked on various software and research projects in these areas.

As a lead data scientist, he made his contribution to the field of biometric face authentication by creating data pipelines that include data collection hardware, data processing, and continuous metric evaluation. Peter’s passion for technology has helped him contribute to the advancement of emerging technologies in the digital world.

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